Binance coin supported on S10 

Samsung Galaxy series has been popular among the people. Every new Samsung Galaxy device has been a benchmark especially the S series. Recently, on the latest galaxy s10, Samsung announced that the next Galaxy S10 will have an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet. They kept their promise and the new Galaxy S10 has 16 coins that are supported. These coins are supported by default. Among these 16 coins, Binance is one of them.

When the coin was seen in the Galaxy S10, CZ since tweeted about the same. Samsung has chosen the 16 coins very wisely keeping some of the important things into consideration. Therefore, they have added BNB coin as their default coin. Although BNB has been growing speedily from past few months, adding in the S10 default cryptocurrency will boost the overall growth of the coin. The coin is already in the top 10 currency list and there are many of the places where the coin is accepted.

Usage of the coin

The BNB coin also known as Binance Coin can be used anywhere. Recently, the BNB team have posted a full infographic where all the use cases of the coin are given. It stated that the coin can be used in various payments such as services, platform, travel and utility, wallet, and also for the cash and entertainment. Moreover, it can also be used for various other purposes along with the mentioned one. You can use for the educational purpose to learn a new language or to develop any particular skill.

Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched not long back and they are just trying the wallet on the latest device. Therefore, for this reason, they haven’t made the wallet available for all the countries. Instead, they are only available for a limited amount of countries. The countries where you can access the cryptocurrency includes Korea, US, and Canada. Only these 3 country users can currently access the cryptocurrency wallet. The feature will soon be available across the globe but will take some amount of time before they make it available to each and every country.

Bitcoin forming a golden cross formation

Bitcoin has never been stable, there is a constant price rise or sometimes a downfall is seen in the market. Bitcoin set the price recently and since 2015, it is the first time that the golden cross is seen in the chart of the bitcoin price. It just a pure green signal that bitcoin is entering the bull market. The price was so high that it even broke the highest price mark that was of $5600. By this, bitcoin came to the new heights when the end of 2019 is not even near.

When the 50-day MA (moving average) was taken into consideration. A golden cross chart was seen crossing the 200-day mobbing average on the upward direction. The chart was seen on the 23rd of April 2019. The golden chart shows the entry of bitcoin in the bull market as the golden cross is regarded as the Holy grail pattern.

The price crossed $5400 and if you are thinking about how much it has increased, it is 35% from the last month and overall, it has increased more than 50% when you compare it with last year. So, if you would have brought bitcoins worth $100 last year, today it would be more than $200.

Should you invest now?

If you are thinking about whether you should invest in bitcoin right now or not, then your answer is yes. You should invest in bitcoin when you see at the price chart, you will see that the price of bitcoin is constantly moving up and hence you can try investing your money in crypto. Although it is highly volatile, the increase in the bitcoin price says it will increase in the near future.

As there are many companies that are adopting cryptocurrency and creating a new platform based on blockchain technology such as Vamos. There are many other crypto platforms for almost each and every industry starting from the gaming industry to the food, you will see the blockchain powered platform in each of these fields. This shows the popularity of the cryptocurrency.

Investing on Cryptocurrencies after Evaluation


Cryptocurrency has been the part of the hot topic discussion on investment since the last decade. Arguably, the dawn of block chain technology and crypto currency coming into the picture has been a milestone in the investment sector. However, the technology still remains to be young and people have not fully understood the way it operates. Though there are instances of people starting to understand this better, there remains a doubt all the time. To clear some of it before your investment, some tips for evaluation are listed here.

The Project:

It is highly important to know more about the kind of project and its objective before thinking to invest in them. There are shell projects, counterfeit projects etc. which would dupe you in a short span. However, if you know the authenticity of the project and believe that it can get you good returns then you should invest in them. Being a little cautious about the entire thing is not a bad idea. You can read more at CNN to gather more info about this.

The Team:

Behind every project there is team that manages the work starting from the actual work to management and supervision. You can know if the team is capable by looking at their perspective and past experiences if they are listed.


Investment is about good returns and where would be the space for good returns if you understand the strategy of the team. This would give you an insight if the project is going to be successful or not. Saves time and money for you before you invest your money on them.

Communication with community:

It is highly important to understand the kind of relationship they share with their audience or community while they are at work. A good communication basically means the regular updates regarding the project and its progress and all the overview about the said timeline.

Considering these factors, it gets easy for an investor to carefully evaluate a project before making an investment. This would save you from trouble and would also let you be at peace for making the right investment choice.

Extra Income from Investments


The need of money is undeniably important in the current time, with the basic commodities being sky high expensive. In this time, earning luxury seems difficult but not impossible, considering all the various means of earning extra income are there. The world has shrunk to a large extent with the world wide use of internet and people being connected. This also helped in bringing close investment opportunities to earn money right from your home. Here are a few investment plans that can get you extra income.

High Interest Account:

This has been a particular investment that has no loopholes or risk factors involved in it. However, the process of this being slow is not really favoured but if you find a high interest paying account then it is the best choice for you to make for a safe investment. This can yield a regular flow of interest money in your account.

Stock Market Investment:

Investing from home would always include the stock market investments considering how well the investment schemes are laid down. With a little understanding of the market, the investment becomes easier to understand. You can also comprehend profits and losses with regular interaction to the stock market over time.

Cryptocurrency Investment:

The term crypto currency has been one of the most popular terms in the current time and said to be a revolution. It is also regarded as the money of the future which makes sense considering all the advantages it carries. Cryptocurrency investment are carried out with the help of block chain technology which gives out some of the best returns. The transactions are made in a decentralised manner and has all the major security measures taken care of. This also brings light to the fact that it is a new concept and needs to be understood properly before making an investment. Platforms like Coin telegraph lays down all the necessary information related to it regularly.

These were the basic mediums of earning money through investment in the digital world, you can go for any of these considering your need and aptitude in understanding them.


Peercoin is commonly known as PPCoin or PPC. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Peercoin uses both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work systems. Peercoin has become the most secure cryptocurrency coin at the lowest possible cost which also rewards its users. Rewards is given to strengthen the network. It gives all the user 1% of the total annual PPCoin return, when they are minting. It was created back in 2012. Since then, it is securely protecting the investment.


Built to Last: Peercoin is the world’s first Proof-of-stake coin. It uses both systems of technology.

Fair Distribution: An another best thing about PPCoin is that they don’t have any insider presale or anything such as instant mining.


Energy Efficient: Any device can be used to mine Peercoins. This makes it energy efficient.

stable and secure: Lastly, cryptocoins remain stable and secure in Peercoin.

Best for all users

The secure and sustainable cryptocoin is made for all type of users. Newcomers can easily learn the basics of the coin and cryptocurrency here. It is beneficial for investors as they give 1% annual PPC return when minting. It is a great deal for investors. The similar deal goes for the merchant because the transaction fees are cut down which make them more profit. Miners can mine the coin to make some decent profit in their Crypto wallets. While the developers can take a brief look at the innovative pipeline of Peercoin.

Wallet and Other Resources

To get more of the Peercoin, there is a wallet available for Peercoins. You can download it for any device. It has an easy configuration to get started. However, if you want to go deep, you can check out their advanced configuration help to know more. Also, they have various other resources to know more. For beginners, they have video tutorials to guide you through every step. Moreover, you can find other resources such as exchange, Block explorer, Peer4commit, Peerbox etc. The source code is available in Github. They have various other languages support to know more about the Cryptocoin in your native language.

Rise of Crypto in Education


Crypto is now getting more and more popular not only in the field of investment but also in education. Around 42% of the top universities now offer at least one crypto related course. A survey conducted among students shows that students are more interested in learning about crypto. Most of them voted positive on having crypto as a mandatory subject in their education. This shows the popularity of crypto in today’s world.

Rise of Crypto in University

Coinbase along with Qriously did a research on the same subject. When asked the student about their views and thoughts on crypto, they got amazing results back there. The students not only wanted to know more about crypto. Students were more interested in learning crypto and blockchain as their course. Due to this, many universities in the world are now offering many crypto and Blockchain courses. Some of the top university offers more than one course related to crypto. For instance, Standford University offers around 10 Crypto and Blockchain courses while Cornell University offers 9 Crypto courses.

Another survey finds out that more than 17 percent of the experts in computer science and technology having a major degree in Engineering have completed a course on Blockchain and Crypto. Same goes for maths experts and business major. This shows the future of Crypto in near future. After seeing all the top university in the world offering crypto related courses, there are many private online offering the same. Almost every online course platform is now a Crypto and Blockchain course. The number of enrolling students in these courses and university shows the interest in the Blockchain technology.

Universities on importance of Blockchain

“You need to prepare students for the future, Blockchain is not getting away.” Says Campbell Harvey, Professor of international business in Duke University. Along with this, there are many other universities which have implemented Crypto and Blockchain as a course. These Universities are Princeton University, NYU School of Law, London School of Economics etc. According to Coinbase, there are 18% of US students who own cryptocurrencies. As a result, Crypto is a must for higher education and should be offered by more universities.

What is the true meaning of Token in the Cryptosphere?


If you are dealing in cryptocurrencies then you might have heard the word token. But do you know the true meaning of word tokens and how they are mistaken with coins?

Here is a complete guide to giving you a full understanding of the tokens in the Cryptosphere.

What does a token refer to?

A token is a type of cryptocurrency which is issued on top of another blockchain. It does not have a currency use case. The utility of an asset is represented by tokens.


A token is the secondary asset on any blockchain which has an independent market value. Tokens cannot exist independently while coins can exist independently like Ethereum. Tokens such as GNT and CIVIC cannot exist without the Ethereum infrastructure.

Benefits of Using Crypto Tokens

  1. Transparency

The ownership and the transfers of the tokens in the blockchain platform is transparent and verifiable. These tokens cannot be counterfeited which gives them real value.

  1. Usability and speed of exchange

The tokens in the crypto world are exchangeable for other forms of value. The speed of transactions is very fast with the help of crypto tokens and the cost is much less as compared to traditional methods.


Drawbacks of the Crypto Tokens

No technology comes without drawbacks. As there are many advantages of using crypto tokens, there are some drawbacks too.

  1. No government Control

Although it is considered the biggest benefit if cryptocurrency that it has no government control over it, but it is also the biggest drawback for the tokens. Lack of government control enhances the chances of frauds and scams in this crypto world which can cause people to lose millions.

The legal status or the location of the company or an ICO is unknown and since so many things are available on the internet, people make use of this drawback to their advantage to cause frauds.

  1. Attractive to Scammers


ICOs are based on promises that a fruitful product will be launched and at the ICO stage it is only a mere idea and not a full-fledged product. It allows fraudsters to make easy money and then disappear without a trace.

Thus, cryptocurrencies are like free money to scammers and the irreversible feature of the cryptocurrencies make it more beneficial for the bad elements to make money.

Defining Blockchain in easy terms 


The entire crypto ecosystem works on the blockchain platform and it is very important to understand what a blockchain is. Here is a simple guide to tell you about all the basics of a blockchain.


What is a Blockchain?

As per definition, a blockchain is a continuously evolving digital ledger or list of records. It is very important in the crypto world because with the help of blockchain, each and every transaction can be verified which proves that every transaction was valid and the funds were transferred.

This ledger is completely transparent and public. They are shared globally and are completely secure.



The concept of blockchain was initiated in 1991 during the cypherpunk movement. But the successful implementation of the blockchain based secured cryptographic digital currency was done by Satoshi Nakamoto nearly 20 years after the initial concept in the form of Bitcoin blockchain.

A blockchain means that each and every change in the digital ledger of the cryptocurrency can be tracked. The uses and applications of this system are endless. It is not merely a database but a virtual supercomputer.


Working of Blockchain

Each new block or transaction in the blockchain must agree with the previous block. If there is a lack of agreement between the new block and the previous block, the cryptocurrency will automatically reject the new block and make it an invalid transaction.

Blockchains use smart contracts which make the entire platform secure and fair. In the case of smart contracts, the next step is triggered only when the previous conditions are met. This enables the smart contracts to manage even the most complex transactions including financial transaction.


Nature of Blockchain

As the name suggests, a chain of blocks is created in this platform. Each new block is chained to the previous one as the blocks are distributed widely among different computers and servers across the world. And because of the distribution of blocks, not a single entity can change the history of the blocks making it decentralized in its approach.


Advantages of using Blockchain

  1. Secure: Blockchains are more secure than private databases.
  2. Resilient: The blockchain records are immutable and resilient to attacks.
  3. Transparent: The complete database is transparent and every transaction is verifiable.

Best Practices to Safely Store Your Cryptocurrency Private Key

3 Best Practices to Safely Store Your Cryptocurrency Private Key

Engaging in cryptocurrencies is akin to being your own bank – taking complete responsibility of your funds and transactions in your own hands. In today’s vulnerable cyber world, managing cryptocurrency securely can be a real cause of concern.

Keeping an eye on the recent trend of cyber crimes and online frauds related to the cryptocurrency market, it is of utmost importance to ensure that all transactions are handled in a safe and secure manner.

Private key or seed key is one of the most crucial aspects to safeguard in this regard. Especially the newbie investors often deal with the private keys in a careless manner – thus jeopardizing the security of their cryptocurrency funds.

Let’s find out three best practices to secure your cryptocurrency private key.

Use Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are an excellent tool to secure your private key. It looks similar to a flash drive and has been designed specifically for storing altcoins in a secure manner. These devices generate private and public keys via mnemonic phrase when initialized. While mobile/desktop wallets are also quite secure for small investors, if you are serious about your business, hardware wallets are much more trustworthy. Ledger Nano S and Trezor are a couple of highly recommended hardware wallets that can protect your private keys effectively.

Don’t Use Online/Cloud Storage

Online storage is one of the most vulnerable storage mediums that are susceptible to cyber-attacks. As a rule of thumb, make it a practice not to store your private key in any online medium, email or cloud storage. If you don’t use hardware/desktop wallet, it is better to store your private key in an encrypted offline flash drive.

Never Take a Screenshot/Photograph of Your Private Key

We often think that our mobile handsets can be a safe place to store our confidential information. But in reality, you are actually making it straightforward for the hackers to obtain your confidential information. Phishing or malware injections can be a dangerous prospect that can compromise the security of mobile devices. Hence taking photographs/screenshots of your cryptocurrency private key with your smartphone should strictly be avoided.



No matter if you are looking to invest in a new type of altcoin or keep track of your existing cryptocurrency portfolio, you must follow an acceptable best practices guideline to minimize the associated risks. If you can adhere to the tips mentioned in this article, it can go a long way to protect your cryptocurrency fund from online fraud and hacking attempts.