Bitcoin forming a golden cross formation

Bitcoin has never been stable, there is a constant price rise or sometimes a downfall is seen in the market. Bitcoin set the price recently and since 2015, it is the first time that the golden cross is seen in the chart of the bitcoin price. It just a pure green signal that bitcoin is entering the bull market. The price was so high that it even broke the highest price mark that was of $5600. By this, bitcoin came to the new heights when the end of 2019 is not even near.

When the 50-day MA (moving average) was taken into consideration. A golden cross chart was seen crossing the 200-day mobbing average on the upward direction. The chart was seen on the 23rd of April 2019. The golden chart shows the entry of bitcoin in the bull market as the golden cross is regarded as the Holy grail pattern.

The price crossed $5400 and if you are thinking about how much it has increased, it is 35% from the last month and overall, it has increased more than 50% when you compare it with last year. So, if you would have brought bitcoins worth $100 last year, today it would be more than $200.

Should you invest now?

If you are thinking about whether you should invest in bitcoin right now or not, then your answer is yes. You should invest in bitcoin when you see at the price chart, you will see that the price of bitcoin is constantly moving up and hence you can try investing your money in crypto. Although it is highly volatile, the increase in the bitcoin price says it will increase in the near future.

As there are many companies that are adopting cryptocurrency and creating a new platform based on blockchain technology such as Vamos. There are many other crypto platforms for almost each and every industry starting from the gaming industry to the food, you will see the blockchain powered platform in each of these fields. This shows the popularity of the cryptocurrency.