Binance coin supported on S10 

Samsung Galaxy series has been popular among the people. Every new Samsung Galaxy device has been a benchmark especially the S series. Recently, on the latest galaxy s10, Samsung announced that the next Galaxy S10 will have an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet. They kept their promise and the new Galaxy S10 has 16 coins that are supported. These coins are supported by default. Among these 16 coins, Binance is one of them.

When the coin was seen in the Galaxy S10, CZ since tweeted about the same. Samsung has chosen the 16 coins very wisely keeping some of the important things into consideration. Therefore, they have added BNB coin as their default coin. Although BNB has been growing speedily from past few months, adding in the S10 default cryptocurrency will boost the overall growth of the coin. The coin is already in the top 10 currency list and there are many of the places where the coin is accepted.

Usage of the coin

The BNB coin also known as Binance Coin can be used anywhere. Recently, the BNB team have posted a full infographic where all the use cases of the coin are given. It stated that the coin can be used in various payments such as services, platform, travel and utility, wallet, and also for the cash and entertainment. Moreover, it can also be used for various other purposes along with the mentioned one. You can use for the educational purpose to learn a new language or to develop any particular skill.

Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched not long back and they are just trying the wallet on the latest device. Therefore, for this reason, they haven’t made the wallet available for all the countries. Instead, they are only available for a limited amount of countries. The countries where you can access the cryptocurrency includes Korea, US, and Canada. Only these 3 country users can currently access the cryptocurrency wallet. The feature will soon be available across the globe but will take some amount of time before they make it available to each and every country.