Rise of Crypto in Education


Crypto is now getting more and more popular not only in the field of investment but also in education. Around 42% of the top universities now offer at least one crypto related course. A survey conducted among students shows that students are more interested in learning about crypto. Most of them voted positive on having crypto as a mandatory subject in their education. This shows the popularity of crypto in today’s world.

Rise of Crypto in University

Coinbase along with Qriously did a research on the same subject. When asked the student about their views and thoughts on crypto, they got amazing results back there. The students not only wanted to know more about crypto. Students were more interested in learning crypto and blockchain as their course. Due to this, many universities in the world are now offering many crypto and Blockchain courses. Some of the top university offers more than one course related to crypto. For instance, Standford University offers around 10 Crypto and Blockchain courses while Cornell University offers 9 Crypto courses.

Another survey finds out that more than 17 percent of the experts in computer science and technology having a major degree in Engineering have completed a course on Blockchain and Crypto. Same goes for maths experts and business major. This shows the future of Crypto in near future. After seeing all the top university in the world offering crypto related courses, there are many private online offering the same. Almost every online course platform is now a Crypto and Blockchain course. The number of enrolling students in these courses and university shows the interest in the Blockchain technology.

Universities on importance of Blockchain

“You need to prepare students for the future, Blockchain is not getting away.” Says Campbell Harvey, Professor of international business in Duke University. Along with this, there are many other universities which have implemented Crypto and Blockchain as a course. These Universities are Princeton University, NYU School of Law, London School of Economics etc. According to Coinbase, there are 18% of US students who own cryptocurrencies. As a result, Crypto is a must for higher education and should be offered by more universities.